Run for Red Nation

A race to benefit Milton High School's student organizations
April 13th, 2014 @9AM

Helpful Running Tips!


-Get a good night's sleep.

-Eat what works for you. Your best bet is to eat whatever has worked best for you—that’s given you a boost without upsetting your stomach. Smoothies, bananas, and yogurt are good things to eat on the morning of the race

-Wear appropriate footwear. Wear sneakers that are comfortable and broken in along with a good pair of socks in order to avoid blisters.

-Stay hydrated. Take advantage of all the free water!

-Arrive to the race site early so you have time to check in at registration, use the restrooms, and warm up.

-Stretch out/warm up. Focus on hamstrings, calves, arms,and other muscles prone to injury. Get your blood pumping before the race with some light cardio/plyometrics. 

-Make sure your shoes are tied nice and tight before the start.

-Set a goal for yourself! Push yourself!


-Believe in yourself! Do the best you can.

-If your shoe comes untied, tie it sooner rather than later.

-Encourage other runners!


-Cool down. Avoid stiffness by gradually bringing your heart rate back to its resting state. Be sure to do some postrace recovery stretches to stretch out your legs, back, and hips.

-Grab a snack and a drink. Check out the sponsor tents.

-Cheer on the other finishers!

Couch to 5k!

Need some help getting motivated? and CoolRunning have a pretty cool Couch to 5k routine online and in the app store. Check it out here.